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Elevate your business, amplify impact: Change.Preneurs leading sustainable transformation.

Your hub for sustainable success—explore a Free Resource Library, connect in our vibrant Community, and receive expert Consultancy services. Empowering you to seamlessly integrate sustainability, we navigate the dynamic landscape of impact-driven entrepreneurship with purpose and impact.

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Our free resource library is a haven for celebrating sustainable initiatives, communities, change-makers, and impact-driven leaders.

Dive into a wealth of knowledge covering career transitions, insightful interviews, enriching podcasts, informative reports, sustainable consumer series, thematic explorations, and inspiring viral sustainability talks. Discover curated book recommendations and receive a dose of weekly inspiration, fostering your journey towards positive change and sustainable living.

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Elevate your business, embrace the impact you make

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Our consultancy empowers businesses to integrate sustainability seamlessly, fostering impactful change and positive outcomes.

Guided by experts, our approach ensures

a seamless integration of sustainable practices, empowering you to lead purpose-driven initiatives and foster positive impact within your organization. Elevate your business organically and embrace sustainability as an integral part of your narrative.

Our strategy to impact sustainable businesses & projects

We leverage strategic expertise to catalyze sustainable impact. Our tailored approach transforms businesses and projects, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles seamlessly. Via culture change programs, we guide organizations towards purpose-driven success. Collaborate with us to optimize performance, foster talent, and lead the charge in building a resilient, sustainable future.

We help you ...

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to find the best expertise with improved green skills to fuel your business’s sustainability journey

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to design and execute culture change programs

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to plan and implement your communication and marketing activities

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to create partnerships aligned with your business sustainability goals and more.

Trusted Partner in Sustainability Education & Culture Change

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About us

Our vision is to reshape our economy by creating a powerful collaboration network around sustainable business transformation.

We are on a mission to spark the sustainability discussion and empower all preneurs through our platform, programs, events and the supportive community to catalyse change.


Karina Mereuta

Co-Founder, Program Management, Learning Experience Design

Tünde Mikó

Co-Founder, Digital Communications

Field Specialist: Food & Life Sciences

Knowledge & Ecosystem Partners

We participated in

We actively engaged in transformative programs, completnig the Deep Ecosystems Accelerator in 2021, and successfully paritipating in Supercharger Ventures’ Incubator Cohort 2.0, concluding in 2022.

Advisory Board

Karime Abib

Olivier Kunz

Marjan Najafi

Ekaterina Herzig

Luca Condosta

Siriana Käser

Our Impact

Annual Reports

2023 report (coming)

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